Monday, August 25, 2014

Add a back pressure control valve easily all by yourself

Do you find that the pressure on the side of your water supplier has increased considerably, thereby threatening the life of the water using products like showers, dishwashers, etc. within your house? Well then, you must also be aware that a too high pressure of the water will not only damage the devices but also cause leaks in the pipes, in and around the house, causing a nuisance. These conditions can be well taken care of if a proper backpressure control valve is installed at the entry point.
Although it’s usually best to take the assistance of experts or specialized agencies in this domain yet it can be said that the process is not that cumbersome or troublesome that it can never be handled by the house owners themselves. Following proper guidelines will help you do this task without any hassle and without leaving any loopholes that may cause trouble later. Also, the cost of the services of the expert is saved efficiently.

Finding the best water regulator for you
Thousands of products from various brands are available in both offline and online stores and you need to find the one that suits your purpose the best and your budget too. However, do not compromise on the quality of the item for a lower priced item.

Trace out the proper place to insert the back pressure control valve
Dig out, in and around the water meter region to find the pipes where the valve will be fitted. It often needs a digging of 3-4’ to find the exact spot for the purpose.

Installing the regulator
Once you find the pipes, you will also be able to locate the pressure nipples. You need to remove the pipes attached to any one nipple that supplies clean water to your home. Loosen the fitting and insert the regulator into one of the pipe endings and then fix the other pipe as before. Add a tape round the connection and add back the nipple.

The finishing touch

After you start the water again, check for any damage or leak that may have been caused by the insertion of the back pressure control valve. Use plastic cuffs for extra leakage proof settings. Start the water devices and let the water flow for some time before you actually start using it. Good luck!